Audition Results

Audition Results
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We know that auditions are stressful and these lists can make dreams come true or devastate them.  Every student is important to us and the results have been thought out long and hard about every student.

Please keep the following in mind if you get the results you desire:
  •  Be humble and considerate of others
    • Just because you get in the group of your choice doesn’t mean that you can become complacent and lazy.  You must work hard and keep pushing yourself to be better.  This is only the start of your musical journey.
    • Being selected to be in any show choir at Hurricane High School is a privilege and an honor.   There are students who that might barely miss a group and perhaps you barely made it into the group of your choice.
  •  Be excited and celebrate
    • It is okay to be excited about the group you made.  However, your excitement may bring heartache to others including your friends.  Be careful how, where, and with whom you express your joy.
If you end up disappointed by your placement or did not make a group, please keep this in mind:
  • Be strong.
    • If you made a group, you are part of a program that has a long and rich tradition.  Lots of students auditioned for roughly 100 spots.  Be prepared and ready to work hard to keep the tradition alive.
    • Your value to society and your happiness is not determined by making a show choir at Hurricane High School.  You are a wonderful, beautiful individual who has so much to look forward to.  The sun will rise tomorrow.  You will wake up.  99.999999% of the world’s population doesn’t even know or care about these lists.  It might hurt for a while, but adversity is an opportunity to grow.
    • Be proactive

There are A LOT of students who tried out for singer/dancer and instrumentalists.  If you did not get into a group this year, please make sure to tryout the following year. 

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